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We’re your business’ best mate when it comes to this stuff, and you don’t let your mates down.

We don’t, and we won’t let you down either.

A well-known online betting platform were quoted 6 weeks to solve a problem in their software architecture by one of the most established and respected software development companies in the world. We solved it in 4 hours.

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We tend to be around 66% cheaper than our competitors for the same solution. This doesn’t mean we cut costs or use inferior personnel or tech. It means that after 20 years we know what works and how to efficiently apply that knowledge to a system that does what it was intended to do. Just. Work.

We’re the dev mate you can rely on.

Trusted by over 150 companies for almost 20 years

We’re here to help people

This is what they have to say
“The return on investment for me – it’s not a traditional contract – just pure partnership. I’m not looking for vendors, I’m looking for partners and our relationship with Evolve is a win for us. In addition to the quality of the entire team of Evolve people, CEO, Bill Kennedy adds tremendous value as a trusted partner to bounce ideas around with.”
Peter Kelly, Simonds
“Evolve have a really diverse set of skills within the team which means we have access to a broad range of resources able to help us and that’s really important to me in my job. Our preference is to have a one-stop-shop for a vendor who can provide everything across something like SharePoint and Evolve manages to do that.”
Damien Osborn, Metlink

We are creating the perfect solutions to address your problems.

The numbers don't lie