Evolve Accounts Payable Automation

For companies who want Accounts Payable Automation delivered through flexibility, simplicity and support, Evolve's solution is:
  • Simple out-of-the-box Enterprise Accounts Payable Automation
  • Tailors to any system and process
  • Proven over 15 years to deliver reliable solutions in information services


Evolve Accounts Payable Automation is what accounts payable should be. Smart software that works out-of-the-box from day one. Intuitive software that learns and understands your clients invoices. It allocates, accounts, processes and stores your payables, removing the need for human intervention. Evolve Accounts Payable Automation reduces processing errors and vendor mistakes, reduces risk, increases compliance, streamlines approvals and importantly saves time and money on manual processing.
Evolve Accounts Payable Automation learns your accounts payable procedures & processes, based on your actual accounts payable history – typically 3 months to 6 years of data. Over a matter of days and without templates, Evolve Accounts Payable Automation embeds your accounts payable history and knowledge into its systems, delivering an 80% data entry reduction ‘out of the box’! Our learning algorithm uses intelligent character recognition to read all relevant information of every invoice (paper, file, email) down to the line-item level.


Evolve Accounts Payable Automation is fully flexible and infinitely scalable. As a bolt-on application Evolve Accounts Payable Automation can be connected to any current software or ERP system that you have.

Evolve Accounts Payable Automation begins each installation by listening diligently to fully comprehend your business position, accounts payable challenges and needs. We then appoint a dedicated Product Delivery Manager for customised implementation, training and ongoing support. Throughout the implementation period the Product Delivery Manager optimises your system to improve accuracy and further reduce the need and reliance on manual intervention.

Ongoing, the system allows for total flexibility and control through a fully tailored in-house Evolve Accounts Payable Automation accounts payable portal that enables unlimited user interface with customisable access control.

Any information that Evolve Accounts Payable Automation can’t process will be displayed in an exceptions dashboard that once resolved can be automatically updated through Evolve Accounts Payable Automation learning algorithm.

In summary Evolve Accounts Payable Automation can be uniquely tailored to adapt to any system and to adopt to every need of your current accounts payable protocol.


Evolve Accounts Payable Automation is a trusted partner you can rely on.

Companies such as Emirates, Latitude, GE, Custom Fleet, Hudsons Coffee, Toyota and Simonds Homes have already fully automated parts of their business using Evolve Automation.

As a product development of EVOLVE IS, we have a proud and proven history of developing applications and systems since 2004 that deliver nothing short of excellence and total customer satisfaction. We are driven by a culture of being brutally honest with both our Clients and ourselves and will not stop until our solutions deliver to a level that meets or exceeds our Clients needs and expectations.

Evolve is an accredited Microsoft Azure Inner Circle Partner and has expertise across a suite of leading technologies including: Microsoft SharePoint, SQL, .NET development and business intelligence tools such as Microsoft SSRS, Power BI and QlikView.

When your business partners with Evolve you begin a journey of trust, honesty and excellence.