Introducing Evolve

Evolve develops technical solutions to solve your business problems. We offer a range of collaborative consulting services to deliver information management solutions through the practical application of technology. Evolve has expertise across a suite of technologies including Microsoft SharePoint, SQL, .NET development and business intelligence tools such as Microsoft SSRS and QlikTech Qlikview.
We help our clients with: custom application development, intranet, process improvement, business intelligence, information management of content, documents and data. Evolve staff combine three key competencies: technical ability, business sense and communication skills to deliver clients with unique value.


What makes Evolve different?
Business alignment
It's not about technology. It is about using technology to solve business problems
Strong competence
and proven track record in delivering technology projects and services
Cost - effective
Providing a quality service without the premium price tag

Our services


Automation is a process that can save your business thousands. Evolve have created applications that can simplify and secure life at work. Two of our new cloud based solutions have already saved businesses 80% in processing costs.

Application development

Sometimes, the best solution is one created just for you. This could be an eCommerce enabled website, service integration with third parties or B2B partners, desktop applications, or server side applications and background processing tasks. Whatever your need, when developing a custom solution for your business, we partner with you throughout the application life cycle.


Support can be very difficult to get right. Evolve will provide a support agreement for almost any system you can imagine. Ask us how we can tailor a support agreement to you.


As thought leaders in intranet design and governance we strive to deliver cost effective systems for any business. We prioritise communication and an evolutionary approach that will help your business grow.

Business Intelligence

Our business insight team has developed a process to understand your business first. During planning and development stages we strive to understand the key drivers that make your business successful. With a detailed structure of your business in place we then map the way your systems and data can better serve your goals. All this is vital so we can ultimately provide you a pictorial view of your business to assist decision making, now and into the future.


Our technical experts have significant depth of knowledge and expertise delivering tailored solutions using all versions of SharePoint. Our Principal SharePoint Consultants have partnered with Microsoft to deliver conference presentations both in Australia and in the USA on in-depth technical features of the product for several years. This strong base of technical competence has contributed to our proven track record in delivering successful SharePoint based business solutions.

Our team